Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My inspiration=my brother

I have been thinking a lot about motivations and inspirations, and I have been thinking about people who inspire me. One of the people who inspire me is my brother. We don't have a big age gap, so he is more like a buddy to me. And the reasons for him being an inspiration aren't because he is my brother, but because he is that impressive. For example, he is the most ambitious, he knows so much. If he had a choice, he would major in everything and work in all the industries! He is positive and optimistic, almost to an extreme--we call it think the impossible! He has this thirst for knowledge, he wants to know everything, and he will work overtime, giving up sleep to learn as much as possible. He is there for everyone, he goes out of his way to help people, and money is no object. This sometimes worries me sometimes because I don't want people taking advantage of him. He is a nurturer, every one in his family and friends circles can vouch for that.

I have never met anyone else who is as intelligent, ambitious, affectionate or generous as my brother, Shreenath. You are my star! Go on, win the world!

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Shreenath Regunathan said...

To have a sister as great as mine is a blessing - I wish I could elucidate in as many words how amazing my sister is; she is more kind, wise, gentle and a consistent sounding board for me than anyone could ever want to be or even is. I can share my darkest fears and she will always reassure me.
If I ever need to understand people or medicine in any way, she is there
If there is ever a family or work related situation, her advice will help me see things I never can see in my myopic eyes.
There is little she cannot do and few who she cannot invert a frown for.

Her intelligence and passion can make the most ardent non-reader read shantaram and the un-economically inclined will pick up a book and start reading and this makes her, permanently, the most entertaining and exciting person to have around. So much so my friends tell me she is more fun than i - what more can a brother ask for?
Rejoice o New York, for my sister unfurls her joy on you n particularly her awesome husband - if it were up to her, she'd dabble in everything she is interested in and come up with a artist-chef-economist-psychologist-combined persona that will own the world, but nicely!