Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Double Life

I have been thinking a lot about my life lately... Usually when I write, its a rant on a bad day... That's why throughout this blog I have been trying to think of happy and cheery things too! But this post might be closer to the dark side!

One thing that has hit me is the adjustment women make when they shift overseas for their spouse.... Its a huge transition to move to a new country, give up their support system, and due to visa requirements not be able to work... One irony that stood out was " You get married because you don't want to be alone, but you move overseas and you lose your support system, you end up being more alone". I spoke to people who are in the same place that I am, and I have realised that most of them seem to go through the same anxieties... From being social, independent, and fulfilled people, they are thrown in an alien country without their friends, and finding it hard to fill their days... I find that over the weekend I spend a lot of time with my husband, and it makes me very happy, almost blissful! But then the week arrives, and you spend your day applying, hoping, and wondering that you will be on your own, and feel more fulfilled... And without your friends to confide in, it becomes too much to take... All you can do is rant to your spouse! It might be a sacrifice for nurturing a relationship, but with no end in sight, you worry that you maybe in over your head!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Inspirational women

This article in New York Times last week has been on mind:

I had to write an article on the same lines, and it was a process that was both enllightening and inspiring. Although its a huge generalisation, I think the way women approach conflict negotiation is more nurturing, angling towards compromise as opposed to conflict. In an explosive setting, it would be a sensible approach to introduce women in the negotiation process. They approach the situation with empathy, recognizing the likely impact of war on women and children. While writing the article, I read up on peace and security initiatives by women, in Sudan, Iraq, and India among others. The Organisation to Women's Freedom in Iraq work towards protecting women, running shelter and providing legal services and safe dwelling for women risking honour killings, kidnapping, and physical abuse.
Its inspiring how a group of women, and their ideas and enthusiasm has transformed to something that makes a far reaching impact.

What makes me happy....

Flowers make everyone happy..... And I am blessed with a partner who recognises that.... It has helped me tide over some of my roughest days....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life lessons from Scrabble

I love Scrabble, and I realised there is a lot I can learn from the game. For instance, when you have the 10 point letters- "Z" or "Q", and you have a killer word, something that gives you a ton of points, you wait till you find the right time to play so it maximizes your score. But more often than not, you run out of time to play it, and it is the end of the game so you are stuck holding the letters.
Isn't life a lot like that? You make plans or decide to follow things you care about, but you wait for the right time to implement them. But just like that, time slips away, and you wake up to realise its too late. Life is too short to wait, you have to follow your dreams when you can, and not wait for the right time!

Monday, March 1, 2010

What is fate?

Do you believe in it? How does it work exactly?

I come from a family of believers, and while I sit on the fence about the subject, I spend a lot of time pondering about it. I have found that often things happen, and people who can predict say they knew it would happen all along. Other times people give you a time frame, on when you get a new job, or when you will get married, and I have to wonder is it about my stars or about calculation and timing? After all, its common sense to say switching jobs is more likely when the economy is doing well, when there is demand for the particular industry, or if its closer to the first quarter.I guess you are more likely to get married when you are ready and looking for someone, and maybe getting hitched has more to do with luck, on meeting the right person at the right time. I don't know if knowing when you are going to meet them will ruin the magic of the moment, and make it more dull and boring. With things like finances and property, some people have gone to the deep end, diving blindly into decisions without much rational thought.

But then again, when I put my cynical hat down, another thought pops in to my head. Its comforting to know that your troubles will end soon, or that your problems will sort itself out soon. It might also inspire some positive thought, and force you into affirmative action, simply because you know its going to be over soon.

But the simpler question is, would you want to live such a life, where you know exactly what and when it is going to happen before it does?
My answer is NO!