Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life lessons from Scrabble

I love Scrabble, and I realised there is a lot I can learn from the game. For instance, when you have the 10 point letters- "Z" or "Q", and you have a killer word, something that gives you a ton of points, you wait till you find the right time to play so it maximizes your score. But more often than not, you run out of time to play it, and it is the end of the game so you are stuck holding the letters.
Isn't life a lot like that? You make plans or decide to follow things you care about, but you wait for the right time to implement them. But just like that, time slips away, and you wake up to realise its too late. Life is too short to wait, you have to follow your dreams when you can, and not wait for the right time!

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