Monday, March 22, 2010

Inspirational women

This article in New York Times last week has been on mind:

I had to write an article on the same lines, and it was a process that was both enllightening and inspiring. Although its a huge generalisation, I think the way women approach conflict negotiation is more nurturing, angling towards compromise as opposed to conflict. In an explosive setting, it would be a sensible approach to introduce women in the negotiation process. They approach the situation with empathy, recognizing the likely impact of war on women and children. While writing the article, I read up on peace and security initiatives by women, in Sudan, Iraq, and India among others. The Organisation to Women's Freedom in Iraq work towards protecting women, running shelter and providing legal services and safe dwelling for women risking honour killings, kidnapping, and physical abuse.
Its inspiring how a group of women, and their ideas and enthusiasm has transformed to something that makes a far reaching impact.

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