Thursday, June 3, 2010

a review of sex and the city movie

I was watching the movie"Sex and the City 2", and it completely changed the way I looked at the franchise. I avidly watched the show, especially because it showcased the strong, endearing friendships between the women, and because it looked at issues that girls thought about and discussed. The show ended at an excellent point, with all the women had grown into strong relationships where they still stuck to their individual personalities.
The first movie changed a lot of the characters, with Samantha leaving Smith and Steve cheating, but it still showed the drama of Big and Carrie's relationship.
The second movie had no real story point, with the pressing issue being Carrie having a problem with Big watching television instead of going out and Charlotte juggling motherhood. They promos seem like bringing Aidan back might be the twist in the story, but its actually just a tiny part of the story. The movie focuses on the excesses-- the over the top wedding of Anthony and Stamford, and an unreal trip to Abu Dhabi. The bad clothes, over-the-top sets, excessive make-up made the girls look plastic and unreal. However, the bigger bone of contention for me was their judgmental view of Middle Eastern culture. Their portrayal showed no sensitivity in understanding the culture, or customs, ridiculing the burqa as being a way to save on Botox. The utter disregard for the culture has almost tainted the memory of a progressive show, which was once a voice of young women everywhere.

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